At Birthday Party Parade, children’s birthday parties are what we do!

We help to make your birthday shopping experience easier with our thoughtfully arranged party themes. And now with our new apps, we help with all those other party details too. Our goal is to help take the stress out of birthdays and put the fun back in!

Get instant and fun birthday facts

Create profiles and link gifts for all the kids on your gift buying list. For each new profile our Birthday Fun Facts app instantly shows you their Zodiac sign, colors, fragrances, birthstone, birth flower and Chinese zodiac. Knowing more can trigger unique gift ideas!

Birthday Alert Bot

Tell us the number of days notice you need for an upcoming birthday. On that day, our Birthday Reminder Bot will send you a birthday alert email. No more belated gifts!

Create awesome gift idea pages

While shopping for birthday gift ideas make use of our Gift Ideas Linker , the app that adds all of your great finds to your selected child’s Gift Ideas page. Save all your gift ideas.

Turn gift idea pages into birthday registries

With one click you can turn a child’s Gift Ideas Page into a Child’s Gift Registry . Send it to friends and family who will appreciate knowing what your child really wants this year.

Your custom party supply page

While shopping for party supplies, don’t let your window shopping efforts go to waste. With our Party Supply Linker app you can save it all to your own party supplies page.

Our Party Planner Bot!

Get all your those daunting party preparation details pegged down with your own personal Party Planner app . Just getting it all down will reduce your stress. Use it for every party.

I could go on and on about our new Birthday Manager apps but the best way to find out about them is to try them out! Our secure server ensures your confidentiality (for more information, please read our privacy policy ). And then sign up today!

    No birthday is complete without birthday party decorations! Find tons of theme specific birthday party decorations and supplies. Mix and match themed decorations with general birthday decorations like danglers, streamers, party lanterns, centerpieces, balloons and pinatas to add contrasting colors and patterns.

    Kid’s birthday party games are an essential component of any birthday party. Kids bursting with excitement can expend that pent up energy with fun party games tailored just for their age. Browse our hundreds of birthday party games for kids to find the perfect games. Make their next party one the guests will remember.

    At children’s birthday parties the first thing many kids look for is the whereabouts of the favor bags! While they’re focused on what’s in it, you’ll be delighted with the favor bags themselves. Find totes, backpacks, purses and cone favor bags and favor boxes like metal pails, takeout and popcorn boxes - even paint cans!

  • Find birthday party decorations
  • Shop for fun birthday games
  • Find gorgeous party favor bags

    If you’re looking for cake decorating ideas, you’ve come to the right place. You can make the birthday cake from a mix and then wow everyone with your cake decorating finess. With cake decorating supplies like cake toppers, shaped cake pans and fondant flowers you can turn that simple cake into a gorgeous work of art!

    Fill up their favor bags with really unique candy you won’t find at the local grocery store. Edible party favor ideas include classic candy bars, gumballs, jellybeans and lollipops. If you’re looking for edible gifts, check out the gorgeous gift baskets and boxes that are perfect for that special little someone on your gift buying list!

    You don’t want to set out your good plates when a horde of excited children come running up for cake. This is when disposable cups party plates, disposable cutlery and party napkins come in handy. If you are short on time, you can pick up a birthday party kit that comes complete with all the tableware you need.

  • Find cake decorations
  • Shop for favor bag candy
  • Find colorful party tableware